10 Reasons Why Aluminium Is Used In Construction


Aluminium is the second most used metal in the world, and it is one of the most used materials in construction too. Today we are going to explore exactly why this is the case, and why the rate of aluminium use shows no signs of slowing up in the construction industry. Throughout the building of properties, both residential and commercial, construction companies will use a great amount of this metal, and here is why.

Various Alloys

Aluminium suppliers sell a wide range of alloys that can be used for many aspects of construction. In terms of aluminium suppliers, Melbournestockists boast many alloys that range in strength, durability and strength to weight ratios depending on what the client needs.


The general durability of aluminium is certainly its greatest attribute, and again why it is so commonly used in construction. Aluminium has an almost infinite lifespan and can certainly be counted on for the life of the building in which it is used.


Not only is this available in multiple alloys, you will also find that when it comes to the finish of aluminium Melbourne stores are able to offer something for everyone. There are a number of finishes that change the texture, the color and the strength of the aluminium.


Aluminium is incredibly lightweight which makes it ideal for working with transporting and installing. This is certainly one of the main reasons why the construction industry uses so much of the metal.

Strength to Weight

A metal being lightweight only wouldn’t be that great, without providing a high level of strength. Aluminium alloys have outstanding strength to weight ratio which means that despite being lightweight, it can support heavy loads.


Using non-combustible materials in construction is always a preferred option in construction. The alloy will melt at around the 650 celsius mark, and even when it does it won’t release any harmful gases.


What contributes mainly towards the durability of aluminium is the fact that it is non-corrosive. The metal is resistant to water and over time will not discolor or weaken.

Low Cost

Part of the reason that we have seen such a rise in the use of aluminium has been the rising timber costs that we have seen in recent years. Not only this, but also the fact that in comparison aluminium is a very low cost metal to use, perfect for construction given its additional benefits.

Reflective Properties

This metal is also preferred for its reflective properties which helps make homes more energy efficient. Aluminium is able to insulate properties and contribute in keeping them cool and warm, as and where required.


The production and the fabrication of aluminium does not require heavy energy usage, and this again is a reason why it is so often used in construction. Additionally it is a material that can, if needed, be easily recycled, making it a great option for those companies that are looking out for their green credentials.

This is why we see so much aluminium used in construction.