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Although competition has grown over the past few years, selling on Amazon can benefit new merchants in 2022. In reality, when you sell on Amazon’s US marketplace, you will find that it is less competitive than the Amazon marketplaces.

In 2022, nearly 600,000 new merchants will have subscribed to sell their products on Amazon. Yes, that is a large number of vendors, but keep in mind that Amazon’s share of the market continues to expand month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year — or whatever you choose to look at it. Let’s know the current profitability of amazon fba

Merits and Demerits Of Amazon FBA in 2022

FBA is a fantastic business method that enables anyone to start an online store and sell products to millions of prospective customers through Amazon’s marketplace regardless of their eCommerce background.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon.

Advantages Of Amazon FBA

Access to Amazon’s large and devoted client base

Amazon receives approximately 3 billion visitors every month and has more than 300 million Prime users in over 100 countries worldwide.  So, you can use it for advertising things for sale by a small, one-person business like yours.

Amazon offers Prime Shipping.

Your products will be awarded the Prime badge whenever sellers utilize Amazon Fulfillment to complete their orders. They will be available to Amazon’s large Prime consumer base, primarily from Amazon Prime sellers.

Amazon FBA takes care of your logistics.

If you utilize Amazon’s FBA program, Amazon will manage all of the logistical for you. When you use Amazon’s FBA program, you will ship your inventory to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Amazon will handle everything from storage to order fulfillment and even customer service.

Disadvantages Of Amazon FBA

Storage fee

If you choose to use Amazon FBA, customers would be required to pay storage costs because your products will be stored in an Amazon fulfillment facility. Monthly storage costs and prolonged storage fees are the main two kinds of storage fees available. Learning how to properly manage your stock will save you money on storage expenses in the long run.

Amazon FBA Fee

Amazon has to store and ship your order. They need to charge a fee (known as FBA fees). The cost of FBA is determined by the weight and size of your merchandise. With FBA costs and referrals fees, the total cost of your product is approximately 30-40 percent of its retail price.

Returning Product become Easy.

Clients will find it simple to return the product. Due to Amazon’s liberal refund policy, some merchants may see a significant increase in the number of returns for their products. However, while it may be handy for buyers, it is inconvenient for vendors.


While the addition of new vendors may make life more difficult for existing sellers, you will not necessarily be stealing sales from one another but rather sharing a much larger and increasing consumer base. As a new seller, you should avoid jumping into a product without first conducting thorough research or simply because it is “famous.” it is important to stay calm and conduct thorough research on products to be effective in commerce and Amazon.