Consider Using Commercial Mats in Your Business


Every business’s design and layout must be considered in order to maximize customer experience and achieve commercial success. Creative solutions are essential for your business to be recognized. You can show your company off with our custom-made commercial door mats like  WaterHog Grand Classic mats.

Rebranding of the office using commercial entrance mats

It is essential to create a cohesive image by using logos, branding, and a consistent color scheme. You can do this in many different ways, but a commercial entry mat is an excellent way to show professionalism and consistency.

Our business entrance mats will protect your floors, and also help you to save money on cleaning. You will find a wide variety of custom floor mat options. To help you choose, we have listed some important factors to keep in mind.

This comprehensive guide will help you select the best personalised floormat for your company. We’ve taken care of everything so you don’t have to.

Consideration 1 – Outside or Inside Door Mats

Outdoor commercial entrance mats can be used to attract customers, directing them to your store or pique their interest. Outdoor commercial entrance mats can help customers locate your business at difficult to reach locations.

A smaller mat that is more subtle could help you point out the store’s exact location. You can make the location of your store more obvious by using an outdoor mat.

Outdoor Commercial Entrance Matting Materials

Our heavy-duty brush logo mat can also be used indoors as an outdoor mat. Our custom commercial mats for outdoor use are made to withstand rain, dirty footprints, and being beaten over time. Your outdoor mat must also be weatherproof.

Indoor Commercial Entrance Mats

The indoor custom commercial mats can be a powerful tool for creating a professional environment, and promoting brand awareness. You can customize the size, colour and design of these commercial entrance mats to meet your branding guidelines.

Consideration 2 – Design and sizing

You can communicate your unique business attributes to customers by enhancing the design, placement and size of your customisable mat commercial logo mat. To promote simplicity and luxury, a boutique homeware store might have a simple floor mat design.

For attracting attention, large floor mats or logos are best. Smaller floor mats and logos are better for creating a professional atmosphere.

No matter what your business’s attributes are, your floor mat design and size can help enhance brand identity. We provide free artwork visuals so you can refine your design before it is finalized. This will ensure that you get exactly the product you desire.

Consideration 3: Commercial Mat Materials

These durable mats double as an extra layer to trap dirt and debris away from your business while staff hustle in and out. You can also use our waterproof Rubber Outdoor Mats to scrape dirt and grime from shoes thanks to their specially moulded soles. Outdoor Rubber Logo Mats or Outdoor Brush Logo Mats are non-slip and can be used to protect slippery floors from customers who may slip.

When choosing the material for your commercial flooring mats, take into account the climate and geographic location of your company.


You can maximize the branding impact of your custom-made commercial floor mats by considering several factors.

To summarize, determining the best place for your mat indoors or outdoors can help you make the right choice. The design, color, and size of your custom mat can enhance and reinforce your brand’s personality.