How To Get An Overheating Laptop Fixed?


One complaint forcing a laptop repair is overheating of the device. This is most common among ageing laptops. But worried users are not very sure of the technique of fixing it.

The problem, if moderate, can be solved without seeking any laptop repair service by knowing the source of heat and planning steps to keep laptops functioning at a lower temperature.

The laptop repair service near me will have tips on overheating problems that lead to blue screen crashes and data loss. The problem with overheating is that many users will not sense it until it starts frying the motherboard.

Laptop repair in Gurgaon is exceptional as it educates users on understanding early symptoms of heating problems.

Although laptop repair at home concept is catching up for the advantages of timely repairs, data security, expert technicians, onsite service etc heating problems still need detailed laptop repair service sessions.   

Check airflow and heat transfer

Laptops expel hot air via vents. Look for the air vents in the device. In laptops, vents are at the bottom. Many thicker laptop models may have vents at the back panel.

Multiple vents mean there are intake vents for cool air to get in and outflow vents for fans to expel the hot air. While the laptop is running check out if the outflow vents are blowing hot air and intake vents are letting air in.

If you are not able to sense any airflow it is likely that accumulated dust on the vents, fans, and cooling channels are creating problems.  Blow out the dust from the vents using compressed air.

If the laptop makes the fans easily accessible through the panels unscrew panels and take out the fan to wipe off the dust for better functioning.

In case the fan has erratic spinning, try to lift the sticker off the axle and put mineral oil to keep it working. Also, apply contact cleaners to evaporate fast without any residue. 

Dying batteries

There are different types of batteries but batteries are not to be stored at 100 per cent or 0 per cent capacity. Many people buy laptops and use the charger more nit using the battery. This reduces the battery’s life since the user is storing the battery despite it being full.

Buying replacement batteries is easy now. Procure online.

But there must be clarity on the model and battery. If battery replacement is difficult just remove the overheating battery and start using the laptop as a desktop. Also, remember that a dusty hard drive will also add to heat problems and data loss.