How to Identify Original Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone?


Buying an original blue stone sapphire is an investment that may last you a lifetime. Since the stone is governed by Saturn, it contains some intense energy, and if you are looking to get one for yourself, then the mentioned factors will give you an idea about whether the stone presented in front of you is original or fake.

Original Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Stone

Blue sapphire, popularly known as Neelam, is one of the most powerful gems governed by Saturn – Shani among the Navratnas. This gemstone is known to bring great fortune and prosperity to the wearer’s life. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the positive effects of this gemstone may not be suitable to all, but in the right hands, it can do wonders.

Synthetic blue sapphire gemstones are created in the lab, while natural ones are found in the depths of the earth. The colour of an original blue sapphire ranges between medium to dark tones of blue. However, Neelam in shades of light blue are considered exotic.

So how does one go about identifying a natural and original Neelam from the ones created in the lab?

Here are factors that will help you identify an original blue sapphire stone.

Flaws and inclusions – Every natural gemstone will have fine spots that validate its originality. Have a look at the stone through the jewellers magnifying glass, if you notice tiny inclusions, then it is a sign that the stone is original. Synthetic stones, on the other hand, will be flawless. However, some of the original gemstones may be free of inclusions. In such cases getting a lab test certification from a reliable gemologist can be helpful.

Breathe test–This is another way of checking if the sapphire is original or lab-made. When you breathe on the original gemstone, the fog will disappear right away, whereas when it comes to a lab-made gemstone, the fog will take about five seconds to disappear. The time difference isn’t much, but one will be able to identify if the stone is fake.

Perform a scratch test – For instance, there are two stones, rub them against each other. If one of them is scratched, then probably it is a synthetic one, or is made of glass, or is of low quality. Original blue sapphire stone cannot scratch since it is a durable gemstone and cannot be scratched with any substance harder or equivalent to it.

Original vs synthetic– When you place the gemstone against any light and notice air bubbles, it is a sign of synthetic blue sapphire. These air bubbles are formed during the making of synthetic gemstones. It is essential to take a closer look from each angle since these air bubbles may not be visible.

The most important factor to consider while investing in a blue sapphire stone is its originality. An original Neelam will have an amplified effect, and once worn, the wearer will soon begin to notice the changes it brings to his/her life compared to the synthetic ones.

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