How to save on your car maintenance?


Each year, your car budget represents € 6,000 to € 7,000 in your expenses. A budget that has only increased in recent years, and whose second source is none other than maintenance. After buying the car, its maintenance is indeed one of the main expense items for motorists! To regain some purchasing power, here are some tips to save on your car maintenance.

Don’t miss the revisions of your car

To pay less in the long term, you sometimes have to agree to spend a little more in the moment. Your car wears out over time, and that’s to be expected. It must therefore be regularly checked and some of its parts must even be changed periodically.

We then speak of wearing parts. There are many on your car: the timing belt for example, the accessory one, but also several filters (oil, air, passenger compartment or fuel), brake pads and disc, etc.

All these parts have what is called a manufacturer periodicity. This is the interval recommended by your car manufacturer after which you should replace these parts. For example, the timing belt should be changed approximately every 160,000 kilometres, or every 6 years.

Every year, or every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometres if you drive a lot each year, your car should be serviced. The mechanic then does the maintenance of your vehicle: oil changes, replacement of parts which have reached the end of their periodicity, various checks, etc.

Yes, these revisions come at a cost. And yes also, regularly replacing all these mechanical parts is expensive. For a timing belt, count 600 € on average.

But if you neglect to overhaul your vehicle or change these wearing parts, you risk damaging your engine components, wearing them out prematurely and therefore, ultimately, increasing the bill.

If this famous timing belt, the replacement of which is so expensive, breaks, you risk engine failure. You will therefore have to pay for a new engine, which can cost you several thousand euros. Better to pay 600 every 5 or 6 years.

Control your vehicle yourself

But your car’s maintenance doesn’t take a year. Lots of checks have to be done in the meantime, and you don’t need to pay a mechanic for it.

You must therefore check your tire pressure and check the levels of the various fluids in your car every 2 months. To get the pressure of your tires, it’s very simple:

Go to any gas station;

Use the tire pressure tester;

Check that the pressure indicated by the device is the same as that recommended for your car. You will find the information on a label affixed to the inside of your door or the valve of your gas tank.

When it comes to the levels, you need to make sure that there is sufficient coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, and finally windshield washer fluid. Just rely on the graduations marked on their reservoir. more info to visit:

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