Lowering Your CPC in Google Ads


Many individuals want to have their CPC lower than what it is on Google Ads.  Lower Cost Per Click can help to decrease your CPA or Cost Per Acquisition. Here are some of the best ways from an SEO company that will allow you to lower your CPC.

The obsession with being #1 on the SERPs (search engine results page) drives most marketers to fight over keyword bids. When it comes topaid search, if you lower your CPC, you might lose a position or two on the list, but will that necessarily hurt your conversions and traffic? In fact, even if #1 gets more clicks (about 50% more in reality), does being #1 in paid ads makes that much of a  difference to your sales?A jury is out. And like many factors in pay-per-click marketing, it can also depend on your industry, product, USP, ad copy, and many other factors.

More clicks don’t necessarily mean more paying customers. In fact, when it comes to e-commerce and retail, results are the first result, so window shoppers might lazily click. If you offer a quality service (for example, legal advice), your target users are more likely to read your ad carefully to make sure it’s what they’re looking for.

Possibly you canafford to decrease your CPC bids for (many) keywords and see what happens if you lose the number one spot. Try lowering your bids in small increments to see if it makes a difference in your traffic and your actual conversions.

Need another reason to lower your keyword bids? By lowering your CPC, you can extendyour daily or weekly budget and potentially show your ads when others run out of marketing juice.

Many articles on Google Ads content optimization refer to copy. Why?  Because it’s critical. With paid search advertising, a copy is something you must have. A well-written copy can attract more clicks when sharp images grab people’s attention, even for displayor video ads.Therefore, if you want to lower your keyword bids, you should copy from the first step in parallel with this step.  Look at your competitor’s ad copy and figure out how to beat it. Know how your advertising message will appeal to your target audience and avoid talking about “you” and “us”.

Your Google Ads Quality Score affects your cost-per-click. Therefore, optimizing your ads for a higher Quality Score has the added benefit of lowering your CPC. This is more of a long-term strategy than a quickmarketing hack. However, in the long run, it will help you understand how your Quality Score affects his CPC. A little more complicated, QS can be appliedto each keyword, ad, and campaign individually. Whatever it is, Quality Score measuresyour ad’s relevance to searchers by measuring a combination of various metrics, including historic impressions vs. clicks, click through rates, and components related to landing pages, such as the bounce rate.

In short, if you want to lower your CPC in the long run, pay attentionand increase your Quality Score. Basically, make your ads as relevant as possible to searchers and provide a valid (best) reasonto click. A well-optimized landing page, customized for a specific ad group, can help lower your bounce rate andimprove your Quality Score. Also, if you’re getting traffic to your landing page, you should also make sure you’re blocking invalid traffic.

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