Start Growing Your Future with a Savings Plan!


Are you looking to start growing your future? With the PNB MetLife Century Plan, you can now take control of your financial destiny and begin planning for your future. The Savings Plan allows you to accumulate funds over time to realize your dreams when you can access them easily. Find out more about this amazing plan today and start building towards a brighter tomorrow.

Advantages of the PNB MetLife Century Plan

A savings plan allows you to save money for the future. With the PNB MetLife Century Plan, you are able to benefit from various advantages.

Death Benefit 

This plan provides/gives a death benefit to the policy’s beneficiary in case of the policyholder’s death during the contract’s tenure. The amount disbursed can be used for living expenses, education, or other personal needs.

Family Care Benefit 

Besides providing financial security and peace of mind to you and your loved ones in case suddenly something was to happen to you, this plan also offers family care benefits, including education expenses for children and health insurance coverage, as well as hospitalization coverage if needed.

Maturity Benefit 

When you reach maturity, you will receive a lump sum based on the contributions over time, which can be used for whatever purpose you desire, such as investments or retirement funds.

Survival Benefit 

This plan also offers a survival benefit, which pays out a lump sum amount to the policyholder if they survive the duration of the contract period. This money can be used for whatever purpose you desire and provides an additional layer of financial security.

Security & Reliability 

As a long-term savings plan, you can trust the PNB MetLife Century Plan to provide a reliable source of income when you need it the most. With its guarantee of security and reliability, this plan is an ideal way of ensuring your family is covered in terms of the financial resources they need in times of adversity.

How to Start a Savings Plan with PNB MetLife

Eligibility Criteria

The PNB MetLife Century Plan is open to individuals aged 18 – 65 years who are Indian citizens or permanent residents and earn a minimum annual income of Rs. 600,000.

Steps for Starting a Savings Plan

  • Contact an agent from PNB MetLife or visit their website to get detailed information on the plan and its features.
  • Choose the amount you wish to invest in your savings plan and choose the payment frequency that best suits your needs – monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Fill out the online application form along with all necessary documentation, including proof of identity, address proof, and income documents, as applicable.
  • Submit the completed form with all the required documents online.
  • Once approved, your policy will be activated, and you can start making payments for your savings plan.
  • With regular premium payments, you can start accumulating funds for future use and build a secure financial future for yourself and your family.


Savings plans offer a vital method for safely accumulating money so you can achieve your objectives and desires. You can benefit from a number of benefits with the PNB MetLife Century Plan, including death benefits, family care benefits, maturity benefits, and more. To position yourself for a better tomorrow, start managing your money today!