Top Female-Led Action Movies To Inspire Your Inner Badass


Female-led action movies have been making waves in the film industry, breaking stereotypes and showcasing strong, independent women who can hold their own. These movies are not just entertaining but also incredibly inspiring, providing viewers with powerful female characters who face challenges head-on. Here are some top female-led action movies that will inspire your inner badass.

1. Tejas

Tejas is among the latest action movies on ZEE5 Global. It is a highly anticipated film starring Kangana Ranaut, who plays an Indian Air Force pilot. The movie is a tribute to the courage and determination of the Indian Air Force officers, focusing on the story of Tejas Gill, a daring pilot who defies the odds to protect her country. Kangana’s portrayal of a fierce and dedicated pilot is both empowering and inspiring, showcasing the strength and resilience required to serve in the military. Tejas is a film that highlights the bravery of women in uniform, making it a must-watch for those looking for a dose of inspiration.

2. NH 10

NH 10 is a gripping thriller starring Anushka Sharma, who also produced the film. The story follows Meera and her husband, Arjun, as they embark on a road trip that takes a terrifying turn. After witnessing a violent honor killing, they find themselves on the run from a group of ruthless killers. Anushka’s character, Meera, transforms from a regular city girl into a fierce survivor, determined to fight back against the brutal violence. Her journey is intense and harrowing, showcasing the strength and tenacity required to overcome extreme adversity.

3. Raangi

Raangi, featuring Trisha Krishnan, is an action-packed film that revolves around a journalist who gets entangled in a dangerous conspiracy. As she uncovers the truth, she finds herself in a series of high-stakes situations that test her courage and wit. Trisha’s portrayal of the resourceful and fearless journalist is both compelling and inspiring. Raangi demonstrates the power of standing up for justice, making it a film that will resonate with anyone looking for a strong female lead.

4. Mardaani

Mardaani, starring Rani Mukerji, is a hard-hitting action thriller that tackles the issue of human trafficking. Rani plays Shivani Shivaji Roy, a senior police officer who takes on the ruthless kingpin of a child trafficking ring. Her relentless pursuit of justice and unwavering determination to rescue the victims are both inspiring and empowering. Mardaani is a film that not only highlights the issue of trafficking but also showcases the strength and resilience of women in law enforcement. Rani Mukerji’s powerful performance as a fearless cop makes Mardaani a must-watch for action movie enthusiasts.

5. Raazi

Raazi is among the top action movies starring Alia Bhatt, who delivers a stellar performance as Sehmat Khan, a young Indian woman who marries a Pakistani military officer to serve as an undercover spy. The film, set against the backdrop of the 1971 Indo-Pak war, follows Sehmat’s journey as she navigates the dangerous world of espionage. Raazi is an inspiring story of patriotism and sacrifice, highlighting the strength of women in intelligence and espionage.

6. Bandishala

Bandishala is a Marathi action drama that stars Mukta Barve as Madhavi Sawant, a tough and dedicated police officer who stands up against corruption and injustice. The film follows Madhavi’s fight against a powerful and corrupt political figure, showcasing her determination to uphold the law and protect the innocent. Mukta Barve’s powerful performance brings depth and authenticity to the character, making Bandishala an inspiring tale of integrity and bravery. You can stream Bandishala and more action movies online.