What Are The Best Ways to Discipline My Child


Learning how to discipline your child can be a stressful time. Here at We Buy Any house we have compiled our top tips on how to discipline your child at home.

Let Them Observe Your Behaviour:

Most children will unknowingly copy your behaviours. Therefore, it’s a good idea to lead by example. Demonstrating your physical actions showing right from wrong can massively impact how your child views actions and consequence. Visibly show them the behaviours you want to see them emulate, and this projection should work effectively on them.

Create Household Rules:

To clear up the potential for any confusion, it’s important that you outline rules on how you want your household to run. By doing this, you can successfully enforce how you want and need the people of your household to act- and leave out any room for confusion. An effective way to diplomatically create household rules is to gather all family members in one room and decide on the values that are important to you all.

Make Sure There Are Stern Consequences:

Just like in everyday life, all actions have consequences- whether these are good or bad. Therefore, it’s important that when our children misbehave, that we teach them that their bad actions must be punished. However, just because the word ‘punishment’ is in the air, doesn’t mean that anything goes. Firstly, it’s important to speak to your child calmly but firmly. It’s important to show your child that you aren’t saying things lightly. You could try to enforce discipline in the house- using methods such as:

  • Using time out. Time out is an effective way to enforce rules, as it can provide a space away from tense situations in which children can reflect on their actions, self-regulate how they are feeling and then make appropriate decisions on how they feel going forward.
  • Loss of privileges. Our home is a space in which we have all of our prized possessions and belongings. Therefore, it’s vital that we utilise this in order to discipline our children. Loss of privileges, which is essentially when your child Xbox, PlayStation or mobile is taken off them for a period of time so they can reflecton their feelings is used.
  • Using natural consequences. This one is entirely dependent on the circumstances. As sometimes if you want to teach your child a lesson, logic and reasoning don’t come into the equation. Natural consequences are a great way to let your child make decisions on their own. For example, its mildly cold but your child doesn’t want to wear a jacket outside, then let them and effectively show them you were right- as long asit’s safe.

Praise Good Behaviour:

One thing that parents often don’t understand is it’s not only bad behaviours that need to be picked up on. It’s important to remember that good behaviour also deserved to be praised too. If you praise positive behaviour, then your child is more likely to repeat the good actions.

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