3 Common Mistakes Growers Make In Hydroponics Farming (Even Experts Make These Mistakes)


We all believe that by making mistakes, we learn and grow in our lives. However, making mistakes is OKAY, but repeating them, again and again, is a blunder. The same thing happens in hydroponics farming. Surprisingly, if beginners make mistakes, which is understandable, but here experts are following the wrong practices.

Undoubtedly, hydroponic farming comes with numerous advantages and disadvantages; the list is very long. But, some people end up meeting failures and start criticizing this modern farming type.

Here the problem is commercial growers are making some mistakes that should be avoided. So without further ado, today we’re mentioning those common mistakes that growers are making and should be avoided.

Overlooking The PH Levels

In your schooling days, you might have learned about the consequences of PH level fluctuation in the human body. Subsequently, in hydroponic farming, the PH level decides the growth rate of your crops. If the nutrient solution you’re delivering is quite acidic or alkaline, your crops will either die, or their growth rate will be slow.

As a result, you should invest in a high-quality PH meter and monitor the PH level of your nutrients solution every 24 hours. If the nutrients solution is slightly alkaline or acidic, you should take immediate action.

Sometimes, the nutrient solutions alkaline or acidic in nature become the real reason behind the death of the crops. It’s imperative to monitor the PH level of your nutrients level because they will be delivered to all your crops every day.

Investing In The Inappropriate Or Cheap Lighting

Purchasing the right lighting will either make or break your hydroponics garden. If you just invest in a few lights, your plants will die. On the contrary, if you invest in the wrong bulb  online appointment scheduling type, your crops will stop growing. Moreover, cheaper bulbs will impact the growth of your plants negatively.

When it comes to hydroponic farming, lighting is one of the most crucial investments. As a result, you should research about the lighting before making any kind of investment.

Don’t think about delivering a combination of natural sunlight and artificial lighting because you’ll end up ruining your entire hydroponic garden.

Ignoring Sanitization And Disinfection

The hydroponic gardens are primarily closed, and there are no entries and exits for insects and pathogens. As a result, proper disinfection and sanitization become essential to avoid the buildup of dust and debris. Your sanitization practices and habits will impact the growth of your plants.

You should ensure that the floors are clean and dry. Above all, proper sterilization of the cleaning containers, cleaning tools, and other cleaning equipment is also necessary. Last but not least, you should dispose the plant waste every alternate day.

Without proper sanitization and disinfection, you’re actually inviting insects, pathogens, and bacteria to kill your crops.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, never just take certain things lightly in hydroponics farming. Seek assistance from the experts, talk to the other hydroponic gardeners, and follow the best practices for the better growth of your crops. The more knowledge you gain, the better profits you’ll make from your produces.

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