7 ideas to experience the most beautiful staycations in the world


No travel this summer? No big deal! After all, just because we haven’t gone to the end of the world doesn’t mean that we can’t feel like we’re on vacation ! Here are some ideas and guidelines for a perfect staycation , or for a great vacation at home .

Leave work to work

First of all, impose a golden rule on yourself: make a break with work, as if you had gone into exile in the depths of the countryside! Prepare the ground before your leave by delegating and handing over your files to your nice colleagues (without too much publicity that you are staying at home).

When on vacation, put aside phones and other smart gear as much as possible (not allowing yourself to look at your work emails), to disconnect as much as possible. If you absolutely can’t afford not to check your emails, give yourself at least a limit (to stick to, of course), such as 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Break the routine

You are on vacation, nothing forces you to get up to the rooster crow, or to go to bed with the chickens (unless you are on a farm)! We allow ourselves to go to bed later and take it easy in the morning, after all, you are now in control of your schedule!

And if you want to shake up your routine a little more, why not have lunch outside to catch some sun? For even more change of scenery, you can always swap https://eiretrip.com/ your apartment  or move into the house or the beautiful apartment of a friend of yours gone abroad, enough to give you a change of scenery without going very far.

Spoil yourself!

Just because you don’t go abroad doesn’t mean you can’t afford to go out. Plan a budget and do not hesitate to include an amount to spoil yourself: spa, massage, good restaurants; and also for your entertainment: shows, festivals, sports activities, etc.

It’s time to go out, alone or with friends, to see Cirque du Soleil , a play, and why not, try to go  dragon boat ?! For the limited budgets, direction swimming pool, beach, picnic and yoga in the park.

Play tourist

To feel like you’re on vacation, change the way you look at your city or region by playing tourist. Join guided tours , visit these museums or monuments where you have never set foot and rediscover your city, on foot, by running or by bike!

Host a party or dinner

Why not organize a party, a dinner or even a brunch , whether it is with your family or your friends? Rest assured, if cooking is really not your thing, you can ask everyone to bring a small dish (potluck formula), or even have a barbecue.

The important thing is to spend time with those you love.

Is the weather bad today, or is there nothing you have to do? Perfect! We sleep in, have lunch in bed with our lover or their pet, and we have a home theater day (and of course we have our favorite food delivered), you will go to the gym tomorrow (or not) !

Roll up your sleeves

Do you dream of revamping your course or making a small vegetable garden , but never have the time? Why not embark on this famous project that you often think about before going to bed and to which you never have more than 3 minutes to devote? It will also give you the feeling that you have accomplished something.

The said project can simply consist of repainting your room or even reading a book (like the one that collects dust on your bedside table).

With that, don’t forget: we don’t feel guilty! Make a list of the things you would like to do (I said would like and not should!) And give yourself some leeway to improvise, after all, the point is to relax (and we remember, summer it’s to play!).

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