Advantages of a Food Trailer vs. Food Truck


Let’s face it: The Food truck industry is wide and only expected to become more popular. It’s estimated to serve millions of people per day. If you consider starting a food truck business in this era, you might choose a trailer or food truck.

The choice for the best always comes with factors like goals and budget. Many argue that food trailers are affordable and they vary in size.

Others say that food trucks are ideal for space and mobility. So, which side should you lean on? Find out below!

Advantages of Food Trailers

Choosing the best food traileris not easy. It can include lots of factors that you should take time to consider to decide. Here are some of the reasons we go for food trailers instead of food trucks.

Less Expensive

Buying a food trailer is the best investment you can ever make. The cost of buying a food truck is twice buying a food trailer. If you’re operating on a budget, you have a genuine reason to go for a trailer instead of a truck.

A complete custom food trailer comes with water storage, electrical and generator hookups, storage cabinets, sinks, etc. You don’t have to shop differently for these products.

Food Trailers are Spacious

Food trailers are also known to have enough space. The space is for a driver, generator, kitchen, and passage seating. It gives the working staffs’ easy time moving from one place to another while on their duties.

Other benefits of buying a food trailer over a food truck include:

  • Trailers Offer More Flexibility
  • Less Depreciation on Trailers
  • Easy to drive

The downside of food trailers is that proper planning can be a major issue. It can take you much time to pack and unpack food supplies and ingredients.

Advantages of Food Truck

Like trailers, food trucks also come with their pros and cons. Here are some of them.


Flexibility becomes one of the advantages of buying food trucks over trailers. It allows the truck to navigate to multiple locations. Also, food trucks are common in cities because they are flexible to move and turn at any side of the city.


Food trucks are mobile. Mobility enables them to sell or store various food items in different locations. The truck comes with enough space that can accommodate many kitchen essentials.

Food Truck Disadvantages

On the flip side, food trucks include:

Very Expensive

Food trucks are generally very expensive. If you want to have one, If you plan to buy one, expect to pay over $ 100,000 to $ 175,000 for a brand new one and $ 50,000 to $100,000 for a used one.

Prone to Damage

Food trucks are prone to damage and expensive to maintain. If you encounter an accident, you are definitely out of business until the time it will get fixed.

Food Truck vs. Food trailer! What’s the Best Choice?

As you’ve seen, food trailers and food trucks have a list of advantages and downsides. If you are looking for a food truck with low maintenance, enough space, or even affordable, food trailers are the best.