Are Link Building Services really that vital for your website?


So, you finally have given a thought to link building services! It is no less some milestone indeed. Many websites perish well before seeing this horizon. But, is this milestone even a necessity? What are the odds that one can make it without, asks Digital White Labels, Link Building Services?

If we speak of Jacob, our fictional character, he was walking very fine through the city. But one day quicker he started a shop of liquor. But the city was big and busy. The stop was stuck oblivious for the first few days. But then he thought of why not to go paste the posters around. He went wall to wall. However, he had forgotten that those who drink only hit walls after getting drunk. Jacob started whining about this drought and started drinking himself to deal with the depression. What was Jacob missing? Someone’s company?

Link Building and Jacob’s journey as a vendor.

Let Jacob sit and drink to his anxieties for some time, and rather discuss Link Building first.

As simple seems the name, as tougher it is. But what it actually is? We all might have seen a business someday and thought of how it might have grown this giant. There is the owner, but he does not seem to be sitting free. He is talking to people every now and then. And those people he is talking to are great personalities too. What are they doing? They are socializing with each other around the business. They are building links. Businesses grow like this. Networking is a part of our evolution.

When it comes to this digital world, the form of entities might change, but the fundamentals remain the same. In this big digital world, websites fight with each other to reach the canopy of this jungle. This canopy is called SERP in here.

Says Digital White Labels, Link Building Services are the same. It is websites socializing with each other. The better the circle, the better are chances to go higher in the canopy. But what does it take to go higher and higher in the search results? Stats say that around 91% of all websites suffer from zero organic traffic. The main reason for this being no SEO optimization and no link building. But what type of links get considered by search engines as fair?

Google and Link-Building Guidelines!

When Google was in its infancy, its algorithms were weak. People were exploiting it to the core for their benefit. Where Google was considering keywords as a ranking factor, people were stuffing their website with keywords. Where Google was considering links to be a factor of fame, there people were creating ghost-websites and building links within. It was like hiring people to speak fine and fair about you. But all this changed with Google’s Penguin update back in 2012 (know that we are speaking of Google because it captures around 93% of the total search market).

Penguin update was introduced to target manipulative link-building tactics. But what were those manipulative link-building practices? Here are few examples of blackhat link-building for you:

  • Reciprocal Links: These are the links where two websites link to each other. It is like two people standing next to each other and appreciating each other before the public. This practice is not considered fair and gets penalized by Google. When considering links, Google now values websites based on trust. The exact algorithm is not revealed, but if a link from a famous website dealing in the same niche then it is considered a good link.
  • Three-way Links: This is a complex variation of reciprocal link-building. Here websites do not directly relate to each other but through some mutual website. It is like website A links to B, B links to C, and C links to A. This is better than reciprocal one but is still a foul practices. Various algorithms work on rejecting such links.

What are fair links and how do link-building companies help?

Fair links are sort of natural links. When one high-quality website finds some content on a website good, it talks about it, naturally. Websites with higher trust scores have become a priority. If you deal into shoes, have written something very fine and scientific about shoes, and thus some shoe-giant links to you in an article – know that you have gained a true quality link. Or suppose, if some website blogging around a diverse range of topics links to you, it would be considered a high-quality link too.

When we talk of agencies, says Digital White Labels, Link Building Services aim at creating high-quality manual links. This works very fine for any company coming to create a long-term presence. There are around two rating values,

  • DA (Domain Authority) is a value from 0-100 that tells about the authoritativeness of a domain.
  • PA (Page Authority) is a value from 0-100 that tells about authoritativeness of a page.

These units are created by Moz to evaluate the possibility of a page getting ranked higher. If you have an inbound link from higher PA and DA rating, the chances of getting higher in SERP increase. It does not mean that one cannot gain high-quality links by self, but it takes a sea full of time and effort. High Quality Link Building agencies, such as, ease you free to focus on things that require your creativity. Above it, it takes an expert to reach higher in SERP.

Should you hire an agency for link-building or do it yourself?

The issue with Jacob was that he was fine at drinking but not at marketing. He had tried, but the efforts were little too. Link-Building takes time and effort. One cannot reach to the canopy without any help in days! This is why people usually go for link-building companies. If you have the budget, or if you are new to this field and have zero knowledge, it is advised to go for the SEO and Link-Building companies.

One more thing: Do not ever get lured by companies offering links at cheap prices. Scammers offer links at very little cost. Although they indeed do link your website to other websites, those other websites come in the category of spams. It not only comes as a waste, it also leads to penalties by Google. Digital White Labels suggests being cautious when choosing Link-Building Services. Go through some guide about SEO link building using blackhat tactics. It will help one through.