Capital Timeshare – Discover These Hidden Holiday Destinations for Foodies 


If you are a foodie and fond of traveling, the best food destinations in your mind may be Japan, Italy, or France. It is true that these nations have the best food in the world; however, they are not alone. There are other countries in the world that offers you lip-smacking snacks and meals. Plan your next trips to these places and explore the abundance of food choices you have on offer.

Capital TimeshareExplore these food destinations on your next vacation

Capital Timeshare is a credible name in the USA when it comes to personalized vacations and travel. According to the team of experts here, Portland in, Maine, is a beautiful place for seafood. You will find many local shops and restaurants offering you a wide array of delicious seafood meals. You can pair seafood with the famous Portland Beer and delight your taste buds with excellent meals and craft beer.

Charleston, located in South Carolina

Charleston in South Carolina is becoming one of the most widely sought-after destinations for food in the USA. It has many restaurants for you to choose from. You can opt for different cuisines popular here, like barbecue. This city is famous across the globe for its Southern hospitality, so wherever you go, you always will be welcomed with open arms.

Austin in Texas

Austin in, Texas, is another famous place in the USA for food, and you will find a host of restaurants offering you all the global cuisines in the world. You will come across several food truck parks as well, where you can sample different dishes from several trucks. You can also take a walk through the famous green spaces in the city and experience melodious music from “The Live Music Capital of the World.”

Seattle in Washington

If you are a lover of coffee, you cannot miss visiting Seattle, known for this unique beverage. This city focuses a lot on food that is locally sourced, so that you will find a host of seafood restaurants here. You can also pay a visit to the Asian markets here, where you can buy spices and exotic vegetables and fruits.

Minneapolis, St.Paul, Minnesota 

The experts of a Capital Timeshare state that The Twin Cities here are often overlooked as a foodie’s paradise. Here, you will find a growing farm-to-table culture. You can also experience some of the best Vietnamese food as. Well, if you have a sweet tooth and searching for something to delight your taste buds, check out the cow tongue cookie from any one of the Scandinavian bakeries here.

If you look at these cookies, their shape seems just as weird as their names; however, the experts here say they are really delicious, and you must try them when you are in town. If you are passionate about Southern Western cuisine, Santa Fe in New Mexico is just the place for you. Here you will find many restaurants serving you both Mexican and Thai food. Last but not least, no trip to Santa Fe is complete without checking out the Native American dishes here!