House DIY Projects You Could Start In The New Year


Rolling into the new year with a fresh and positive mindset and setting yourself some new year’s resolutions is what most people do in the first month of the year. January is the time to reflect and put a restart button on your life so what better place to start rather than your safe haven, your home. While most people plan on putting a stop to all those late-night cheeseburgers or beginning their fitness journey, you could breathe some new life into your house by doing small but efficient upgrades around it.

January is a cold and moody month during which people spend a lot of time inside their homes so instead of laying on the sofa and binge watching every Netflix show possible, you could get your hands dirty and start some DIY house projects which will not only revamp your living space, but they will keep you occupied and entertained throughout this dreadful month. Here at We Buy any House, we have compiled a list of easy and useful projects you could start in the new year to kick it off in the right way.

1. Change Layout

Chances are you are getting bored with the set up in your home and feeling ready for a change, especially first thing in the new year. While many people start looking into purchasing new décor, changing the furniture and completely remodeling the house, there is another way which can give you that new look without costing you a penny! By simply rearranging the furniture in your home, you will have a break from the well-known and now boring set up, embracing a new positioning and perhaps a better one. You could do this in any room of your house and the end result can surprise you because changing the layout of a room can significantly change the overall look of it too. Having done this you will be feeling refreshed and as if you have moved into a new house.

2. Purge, Purge, Purge

Out with the old, in with the new is many people’s new year’s motto and you could apply this to your house projects. One way to ensure that you start the year right is by letting go of unnecessary items you own. We all tend to hold onto certain objects because they hold sentimental value to us but in the long run some of these feelings fade and you may catch yourself having one too many of these. This will help you declutter more efficiently and make room for any new decorations. What’s more, around the holidays and especially during the colder months there are multiple charities which are actively accepting donations so you don’t even have to throw things away, you could donate them instead.

3. Update Your Hardware

The look and feel of an outdated kitchen hardware is normally not especially visible but for someone using it, you candefinitely feel it when it’s time to upgrade. Many estate agents even recommend you do this prior to putting your house on the market and conducting viewings because as much as you can’t see those, anyone considering buying your home will be opening drawers and will notice the feel. Switching up any old pulls and cabinet knobs for a more modern version will instantly revamp the place, leaving your kitchen with the refreshment it deserves.

4. Switch to Energy Efficient Alternatives

This is something many people may have already done, or at least partially, but it is especially important considering the current energy price crisis. Making your home more energy efficient will not only save you money though, but it will also make it smarter. Think of all the features which you could have upgraded from switching to a smart thermostat to having LED lamps which you could have remote control over. This upgrade will have a direct impact on both your bank account and your home’s functionality as well.

The new year is the perfect time to start something new and set the tone for the year ahead so giving your house a quick and easy revamp could be the ideal way to do that. These DIY projects are just some things you could start with but with January feeling like it lasts for at least three months, we are certain you could do many more throughout.

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