E-Procurement System Government of Assam


An E-procurement system is a process of purchasing goods and services from the private sector by the public sector using internet services. The e-procurement generally reduces the time involved in the procedure and, it also reduces the indirect costs and helps in enhancing the transparency in the procurement

The government of Assam’s e-procurement system allows tender board to obtain the tender schedule for free and enter bids online through the site.

Assam aims to create a platform so that they can provide support towards the existing business community and can drive the state’s prosperity. They can do so by employing technology, innovative ideas, and keeping the idea, of sustainable development as well because it is necessary to think about the future generation as well As we cannot develop the state by compromising the development of the future generation.

Purpose of e-Procurement

The purpose of e-procurement is to establish the procedures for the procurement of unserviceable and surplus stores by the public sector so that it can help them in achieving various objectives that will, in turn, let the state develop

One can increase the economy and efficiency of the state by using the procedure of e-procurement.

With the help of an e-procurement portal, one can promote the competition and which in turn ensures that the competitors must do the work with their full dedication that will help in developing the state as well.

E-procurement also helps in increasing the transparency throughout the procedure of the procurement and also helps in developing the confidence of the public in these procedures because the public does not want to accept new things and, many a time they criticize the reforms therefore, it is necessary to make them understand about the advantages of the e-procurement.

One may be able to facilitate the promotion of the small-scale industries as well as the local industries, which will help the state to develop its economic factor, and this, in turn, will also increase the living standard of the individuals of the state. One may be able to live a healthy and good life.

The Government of Assam has already taken an initiative towards e-Procurement. The government has already started a portal for the e-procurement as one may be able to see all the tenders at the same time and at the same place on the portal itself, therefore, developing a portal for e-procurement is a good initiative that is taken by the government of Assam towards the development of the state.

The E-procurement system of Assam introduced by the government of Assam is a great initiative that is taken by the government towards the development of the state. There are several advantages associated with the e-procurement, which helps in building up of the local industry as well as a small-scale industry, which will eventually help in raising the income of the individuals of the state, which in turn will help in raising the living standard of the state, and, helps in eradicating the poverty from state.