Make your Own Wedding Invitation Suite


Getting married would only allow me to design my own stationery. I would likely do it more than once.

My creativity is free to fly with all the papers, inks, materials, markers, supports, etc. Any element can be included.

You would like to do this too, so I am going to tell you how you can make  formal wedding invitation set and improve them yourself.

You can do this, too, with just four small things. Don’t be scared, it’s very easy!

By now, you should already be clear on what type of wedding it is, whether it is in the country, in the city, romantic, hippie, or by a beach. In addition, your history is reflected, which is very important, as well as many other things.

It’s therefore important for you to figure out the type of invitation you want.

My example and the wedding style that could go with me right now is what I’ll tell you.

If you can design something close to that, black and white, elegant, but with a rural feel, that would be wonderful. You should also reflect the trip in some way.

Through the use of these concepts I arrive at black and white paper (elegance), craft (closeness), and a beautiful world map (travel).

Using an orderly and harmonious presentation, I will create the invitation, the envelope, the waiters, labels, and some details.


Before you can create the invitation, you must have a logo. Here I skip this step because we have already started with it.

As a detail, I would like to explore the combination of black and white and map.

If you decide to publish the invitation in a particular format, you will be responsible for its content. This invitation will work the same for anyone, so you can reprint it as many times as you wish.

Your envelopes will be personalized completely. We begin by lining the interior with a piece of map (this is my selection, but you can use a floral pattern, stripes or another solid color too).

With calligraphy in white ink, we will pen the names and addresses by hand on the outside of the box. We couldn’t think of a more unexpected gift.

Leaves can also be added in the form of stamps.


My favourite waiters are those who combine the map with craft. Each name of the guest was handwritten in a calligraphy in black, so you would have a nice souvenir you could take home.

Likewise, I have prepared some labels to stick on the details, on the decorations, and in the flowers that the guests can also take with them.

There should also be a small package where details are placed. It will be just crafts, and the names will be calligraphed in black (it could also be a stamp you can stamp in many places).

As we are not to forget love, I have prepared some postcards with typographic stickers, a resource that I found useful with the composition and in other detailsfor wedding invitation suite.

It is necessary to find an artistic combination to create contrast, and in this case, I chose white and black calligraphy with a straightener, more condensed and dramatic typeface.

As of now, we have been creating stationery. Have you considered making your own? This could be anything from your brand, for example, to your wedding. Can you send it to me?