Eating a healthy breakfast determines


A satisfying breakfast, a light lunch rich in slow sugars to stay in shape in the afternoon or even a lightest dinner possible to avoid the midnight craving … If the majority of us know the importance of balanced meals , when it comes to compose menus, is often the black hole. Follow the guide to ensure you have the basics of a healthy meal.

A satisfying breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast determines how much energy you will have for the morning. After a night’s sleep, your body is empty: it has spent the night without eating. So you need to recharge it. To avoid snacking during the morning , plan on waking up a drink to rehydrate the body: tea, coffee, water or milk. Accompany it with a cereal product such as wholemeal bread with a few buttered toast or cereals. A dairy product (yogurt, cheese or milk), rich in proteins that will fill you up, should complement them. Take a fruit or, failing that, a fruit juice, preferably homemade, although less rich in fiber.

Those who are never hungry in the morning should not force themselves to eat. Opt instead for a nomadic breakfast: a seasonal fruit, a yogurt or a piece of cheese and a scoop or one or two slices of wholemeal bread. Also draw some oil seeds, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, always welcome during the morning.

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A lunch that guarantees afternoon energy

Express lunch break or restaurant meal , the principles are the same: a balanced diet includes all food groups. Do you like lunch boxes ? Plan a vegetable, lean meat or fish and a serving of starchy foods. If you choose the salad, take it in the same way: proteins, starches, vegetables or raw vegetables . Be careful with diets, a sandwich or a green salad is not enough to cover your energy needs. When dining out, forget about alcohol and sugary drinks in favor of water or green tea. Likewise, ignore sauces and pastry temptations; a fruit salad is the ideal dessert.

Six mistakes to avoid to ensure a healthy lunch break

A light dinner

Did you have a hearty lunch? Cut down on fat at night. This avoids storing it and guarantees a good sleep . Prefer water as much as possible. A balanced meal, whatever it is, meets the same rule: better a little of everything than a lot of just one. Provide a raw starter will reduce your appetite later. Side dish, opt for a fish, accompany it with a portion of whole starch, more digestible, and dried vegetables (lentils, peas…). As for dessert, treat yourself to a dairy product or a piece of fruit. more info to visit:

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