Enhance your mindpower, Play Online Chess!


Looking for something that stimulates your cognitive ability besides having the fun element? Well! Try playing online chess.  The popularity of this game is increasing day by day. The advent of technology has also played an important part in making various online games popular among the masses. Mobiles are a handy option that is used not only for making calls but various other things such as listening to music, clicking pictures and playing online games. Playing chess online 2 player is a perfect way to utilize your leisure time while making money too. Let us look at the reasons behind the popularity of this game.

Play Online Chess

Why is online Chess popular among people?

  • Easily Accessible –Gone are the days when friends used to sit together and enjoy a game of chess. Everyone is busy trying to complete their usual responsibilities and friends rarely get to see each other, let alone relax with a game of chess. Online chess can be played anytime and someone will always be there to play with. Mobiles and laptops have made it easily accessible as long as you have access to a good internet connection.
  • Thrilling – Unlike other games that involve physical abilities, chess involves making strategies to checkmate your opponent. This provides a challenging and thrilling experience that is not possible in other games. Your brain is constantly devising new moves that go unnoticed by the other player.
  • Free of charge – Chess enthusiasts around the world usually join some or the other clubs where they go to play the game. These clubs generally have an exorbitant membership fee that may not be feasible for you. The online platforms have both paid and free platforms that offer a wonderful experience of playing a game of chess. So, your financial position does not matter if you opt for an online platform. Moreover, you get to play with different players from other parts of the world, which is physically not possible.
  • Practice – “Practice makes a man perfect”; this is especially true when it comes to a game of chess. You can practice as much as you want and enhance your skills day by day. You can control the difficulty level and start from a simple game, moving up the difficulty level as per your convenience. A game of chess involves many positions and possibilities that you come to understand gradually as you play.
  • Participate in Tournaments – Many countries hold organized chess tournaments every year. Even though you would love to participate in some of these events, it is not physically possible to be a part of them. Online chess tournaments are the best way of enjoying   competitive chess. You can participate in a tournament from the convenience of your home or office and enjoy the experience.
  • Enhances knowledge of the game – The game of chess requires undivided attention and concentration. Playing the game again and again increase your knowledge of the game manifold. There may be certain mistakes that you tend to repeat often, resulting in giving an upper hand to your opponent. Online chess helps enhance your game as you learn new ways of defeating the other player.
  • Fair competition – Online chess allows you to have a fair game. You can select a player with the same skill-set as yours. You gain experience by playing with a player who is at the same level as yours and gradually become ready for a more advanced level. Some people like to play against more advanced players to gain firsthand knowledge of how they make their moves. The choice is entirely yours. The options are available and can be used to the best of your knowledge.
  • A wide range of possibilities – Online chess provides you with a plethora of possibilities to practice. You can play as many games as you like to practice new tactics and strategies, thus understanding the game better. Constant practice will eventually make your game flawless and give you a sense of satisfaction.
  • Mastering the moves – The players tend to manipulate the game according to the face expressions of the player sitting opposite to them. This does not happen when you are playing online. You can only see the moves made by the opponent and have to go by that judgement only. This helps in improving your game tenfold. Thus, you train yourself by the position of the chess pieces instead of relying on facial expressions of the other player.
  • Rewards – What is better than to earn some money while playing a thrilling game of chess? Regular rewards and points can be earned while playing chess online. You even get points on every referral that you make. The more games you play, the more you win and this enables you to earn more money. So, why not give it a try? Who doesn’t like some extra cash?
  • Bonding – An online game of chess helps to bring people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and age groups together. You can mingle with like-minded people who share their passion of chess.
  • Focus – You need to focus on the game at hand. Playing chess improves your concentration power which proves useful in other spheres of life where you are expected to follow deadlines and perform consistently.
  • Confidence Builder– Playing a game of chess involves analyzing your mistakes and improving your weaknesses. As your game evolves, you will develop self-confidence that will be reflected in your personality.

Playing a game of online chess is quite different from the traditional game that people played earlier. You have the choice to play against any person at a time that is convenient to you. You can adjust the difficulty level of the game as per your ability and slowly gain finesse by constant practice and repetition.  Your game improves as you continue playing against different players and start participating in various tournaments that are organized from time to time. The best part is that you earn some bucks on the side while enjoying your favourite game. Thus, online chess game is a win-win situation for everyone.

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