Important factors to know about personal loan interest rates


As we know, Personal loan is very popular in the country for many reasons, such as fast disbursement and the freedom to utilize the money for various purposes. Moreover, this type of loan is unsecured, which means the borrowers do not need to have any mortgage assets.

Usually, the banks charge lower interest rates on the personal loan than financing non-banking firms because the banks have the benefits of the huge base of deposits from the current account and the low-cost savings that the other lenders do not have.

Major banks charge interest rates that currently range from 10% to 21% or sometimes higher. Certain factors are important to know when determining the interest rate on a personal loan.


Consider the given factors, which are like the terms you must have the information about the personal loan.

  • Borrower age

A borrower who is closer to retirement is mostly charged at a higher interest rate than the young borrowers.

  • Credit score

It is a must to have a credit score of more than 750, which is ideal for getting yourself into the competitive interest rate.

  • Occupation

A salaried individuals working with a reputed and well-known company and drawing a stable income is in a better position as compared to the self-employed professionals.

  • Capacity of Repayment

Only the high income of the individuals is sufficient for a good interest rate. All the matters that matter will depend on the debt-to-income ratio terms. A ratio of high debt to income indicates the great burden of debt on the borrower.

  • Lender relationship

A good relationship between the customer and the bank takes many years to build. Once the trust is set between them, it doubles the chance of getting the best rate of interest on the personal loan.

  • Credit history

A past default in the credit history at any time is similar to attracting more interest on a personal loan. Once they get access to the personal loan at a low-interest rate, this is considered the primary aspect to keep in mind for the low-interest rate on the personal loan.

  • Good credit score

It is also the major criteria that are looked at by the lenders before issuing the personal loans to the applicants. The credit score ranges from 300 to 900. But a good credit score is 750, which attracts the attention of the lenders.

  • Compare interest rates: 

personal loan interest rates differ from lender to lender, and all criteria are based on the credit profile. Candidates must have looked at the low rate of interest on the personal loan.

  • Method of interest rate

All the facts lie in the details, so every borrower must check the methods by which the lender applies the interest rate on their loan. The lender computes the interest rates via the flat interest rate and a reducing interest rate.


In this article, you learned about the important factors that must be understood by you on the basis of a personal loan.