The features of a secure IOT


IOT security is a practice which would keep your IT assets safe and secure. Not only it monitors risks it can fix the vulnerabilities in an easy way. This goes on to ensure the validity and integrity of an IOT solution. IOT security  has gone on to change our lives and make things relatively easier.

The security issues of IOT

Surveys or studies are not a fair reflection on why people do not realize the devices or appliances that is connected on to the internet. The manufacturing of such devices might emerge in large quantities as it establishes connection on to the internet. One a hacker is able to figure out which devices they need to hack, they would have shelved their know- how into thousands of devices that have been sold. Such type  of devices are known to possess long life cycles indicating they would be attached on to the light bulb for many years to come.

Since this technology happens to be a new one, still things are not clear on who is responsible when it comes to the privacy or security of IOT devices. Engineers are of the opinion no one would be looking to hack the small objects so the creation of a lot of them might not take place with basic set of security features. Even their up gradation will not be an easy task. Even there are many protocols or standards which may not be fixed as all of them would lead to inconsistency. Such levels of complexity would be making the device vulnerable.

IOT strengthening

The tightening of IOT would require  a lot of funds and not a silver bullet. A series of security steps would include

  • For IOT devices some type of log
  • Encryption
  • Secure and effective type of password policies
  • Device authentication along with network security
  • Any design with the goal of security and privacy

It is necessary that the users take full control when it comes to their own security. Maybe people do not realize that they have to be updated the software on their physical devices. Such updates might take the form of security arrangements. As an user you can start even small by altering your log in information and provide a strong admin or password to their devices. But it would not be an able practice for an end user to rely on security, whereas some engineers might prefer a standard practice.

An IOT system at the starting stage needs to design security which bases itself on the principle it would be compromised and attacked. Appsealing provides all these benefits at a single place.

Is IOT security risk worth the benefits

Some would say yes, whereas others would refer It to something better. For the first time ever mankind is relying on the use of cheap and powerful IOT devices that allows them to collect information from sensors at a major level. It is also going to bring forth a realm of responsibilities which we may have to tap for a better understanding.