Understand Heat-Not-Burn [HnB] Tobacco Products


HnB or Heat-Not-Burn devices are designed to heat tobacco to deliver nicotine without burning. The HnB manufacturers claim these products to be a safe option than traditional tobacco-burning cigarettes. Remember, HnB products are not harmless, but carry less risk than smoking cigarettes. They are different than e-cigs, vape pens, or pods.

What is IQOS?                   

IQOS [I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking] is a brand from Phillips Morris that is promoted as a better option for cigarette smoking. It is because tobacco is heated and the company claims that fewer chemicals are released than burning tobacco. The claims are solely based on the tobacco industry’s research.

The IQOS device uses a disposable tobacco unit called ‘Heet’. IQOS heets can be bought from the online store Heated Products.com. Heet are heatsticks including compressed grounded tobacco that is inserted in an electronic holder. Every heatstick comprises of same nicotine amount as in one cigarette. The electronic heat element heats the stick and it emits aerosol that you inhale.

HnB concept

HnB allows users to experience the feel and look of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes without huffing combusted tobacco. Traditional cigarettes produce 7000+ toxic chemicals that are harmful to public health including smokers and non-smokers. HnB product manufacturers claim that these devices are less risky than cigarette smoking.


The majority of research published is led by Phillip Morris International, which claims that the IQOS smoking system delivers less toxicity and harmful chemical. The potential of chemicals that can harm the heart or lungs is minimal in animal studies.

The tobacco industry has a bad reputation for misrepresenting the health damage associated with its products. Therefore health experts recommend having FDA or independent researchers verify the tobacco industry’s findings.


HnB devices are not accessible in the US. Nevertheless, Phillip Morris International has applied for FDA approval to sell IQOS under the Marlboro brand. PMI submitted applications for two diverse regulatory approvals.

  1. To market the product as a new tobacco product [pre-market approval].
  2. To market the product as less harmful compared to other tobacco products. [MRTP approval].

On 11th March 2021, FDA issued MRTP authorization to market IQOS 3 system holder & charger with reduced exposure claim. However, the MRTP grant order is effective through 7th July 2024.

Currently, IQOS is globally sold in more than 60 countries. There are more than 17 million users and IQOS holds the largest market share of HnB products. You can buy IQOS and HeatSticks in mall kiosks, specialty stores, non-specialty retail outlets, pop-up stores, and even online.

Particulars about heat-not-burn [HnB] tobacco products

  • Aerosol is generated from heating processed tobacco. The aerosol contains nicotine, additives, chemicals, and flavorings.
  • Aerosol contains the same nicotine amount as in traditional cigarette smoke.
  • Tobacco devices are available in specialty and convenience stores.
  • IQOS device is different than e-cigs. HnB products deliver nicotine via natural tobacco, while e-cigs use liquid nicotine.
  • Aerosol released is less lingering than cigarette smoke.
  • Aerosol contains toxic chemicals and carcinogens but the amount is fewer means you are exposed to less risk than cigarette smoking.
  • The legal age to buy IQOS is 21 years.

The tobacco industry claims to introduce products that can help to quit smoking, but in reality, the statistics show a different story! Prevention is better!