Know what a Blockboard is used for?


Blockboard is similar to plywood. While plywood is made by stacking layers of veneers in a cross bonded structure, bonded with glue, blockboard is made by putting wooden strips across the cross-section, and then it is sandwiched between the layers of veneers. The sandwich formed is then pressed with high pressure and is glued together.

CenturyPly Blockboards

The wood in the core of the blockboard keeps the nails and screws in their place when they are hammered in it. The wood inside the core of the blockboard also ensures better stability.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockboard:


Blockboards are lighter than plywood

It ensures the easy transportation of blockboard from one place to other. The lighter weight also makes it easy to work with the blockboard.

Blockboards are very stable

While only a particular grade of plywood remains stable in extreme temperature and weather, blockboard remains stable and durable in every condition.

Blockboards have more durability than most other materials

They are more robust and sturdy than most other materials too.

The surface of the Blockboards can be furnished with paint and laminates. It firmly sticks the coating of these materials on its surface.


It is easy to hammer nails and screws in the Blockboards, and they hold them well too. But if it is not done with proper care, small gaps might be left in the blockboard. It reduces the strength and durability of the blockboards.

The wood inside the core of the blockboard should be of high-quality wood. Using cheap quality softwood inside the blockboard makes them vulnerable to borer and termites attacks, and blockboards tend to get destroyed after some time.

Blockboards have wood inside their core. If this wood is subjected to extreme pressure, it may get distorted and maligns the appearance of the blockboard.


CenturyPlyBlockboards are a top choice for most customers. Blockboards are stiffer, and they are less prone to bending while working with them. It is why Blockboards find their extensive use in various indoor and outdoor items.

Here is the list of the places where Blockboards are used:

  • They are used in making house doors.
  • They are preferred to make sofas and tables.
  • They find their usage in the making of bookshelves.
  • They are used for the interior decoration of homes.
  • They are used to make wall panels and partition walls.


Blockboards are a necessary building material. It is very easy to use & has made human life easier with its properties and features.

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