Removing Late Fees From Your Credit Report


If you have payments that are late on your monthly bills, these will typically be reported to a credit agency if they are more than 30 days overdue. Should these statements become really late, you may find it will adversely affect your credit report. The more accounts you pay late in a month, the more it will affect your credit report.

Overdue payments will stay on your credit report forup to seven years. By having these delayed payments, you could see it is difficultto acquire credit anywhere, such asacquiring an auto loan to obtain a new credit card. It can affect if you get a house loan, a home equity mortgage, and much more.

Tardy payments don’t need to be listed on your credit report forever. It’s feasible for one to have them taken off using various methods. Contemplate trying any of the methods listed below.

The first thing you should do when deciding how you can help your credit score rise is to go over your credit reports very closely. Look for any errors that have been made. You could have easily made the payment on time, but in certain cases, it may be listed that it was overdue. You can fight this to have them taken off. Everyone makes mistakes, even reporting to credit agencies. You can call the credit agency for help with your credit report, or you can go online to file the argument. If they’re able to find that you did indeed make the payment timely, the overdue payment will be taken off your credit report.

There are times when a late payment is made on your part. Life happens, so it can be anticipated from time to time. You may wish to try and write a letter to the creditor asking nicely to have it removed. This is called removal on the grounds of goodwill. It is simply you asking the lender for a favor without making a promise in return. In this letter, say why you paid late. Asking for forgiveness and telling them it will not happen again are two things that should be included in this letter.  It pays to be polite and respectful of the lender, as they have the full right to say no. However, many times the creditor will look back at your payment history and agree if you do not have late payments. Reasons as to why a lender would agree to eliminate an overdue payment could be you believed automatic payments were taken out, but it has not been enabled, you had a temporary reduction in income, or your address changed, and you never received the bill.

When talking to your lender, be prepared to mediate. Don’t wait for the adverse marks on your credit report to go away on their own. Take the time to bargain with your creditor. If you have a significant amount to repay, you can bargain with them. They do not need to accept this, but if you make a good enough bargain, they may be willing to accept. If agreed upon, ask for this in writing. It should state clearly that after the fee is made, they will take off the overdue payment from your credit report.

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